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Forum behavior

Post by ~Nizar~ on Thu Aug 18, 2016 1:56 am

I would like to welcome you to our forum, the forum is for all members and everyone can share their opinion but the final decisions will be made by Admins!

The purpose of this community is to bring the members closer to promptly communicate and to pleasantly pass your time! To achieve this there must be rules of behavior in the forums and respect!

Behavior in forum

  • Racist, violent, pornogrfiko, illegal, offensive or derisive content is strictly forbidden by the forum. We must respect the fact that some people have different views from us. If there is a problem with a member, contact the Management Team referred to your problem.

  • Please be patient. Each member of our community has his personal life. You need to respect them because they are here to help you. They all work voluntarily and are people, not machines.

  • If you sent promotional or pornographic content or threats through personal messages, you must send a copy of the message to a member of the Management Team.

  • Writing in any sector of the forum is unnecessary and will cause problems between you and the sender of the message so check the categories

  • If you find a member or an issue that violates any part of the rules of the forum please inform admins to check it out. Creating new themes on this subject is completely meaningless.

  • If you do not find your subject maybe it has moved to another area because it did not belong there published. Look for the search engine.

We have members from many countries and we dont speak all flluently english so please respect our try  Wink

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